Biography - John Hershey

A full time resident of Bodega Bay (since 2014), I have opportunities to capture the beauty, activity, and wildlife of the Sonoma Coast. My passion is photographing with a journalist’s eye. Catching the peak action of the moment challenges and energizes me.

Birds in flight, a cresting wave, or the ocean’s moody changes -- all inspire my mind’s eye.

My 50+ years of photographic experience began with a BA in advertising design from Syracuse University. After serving as a US Navy photographer, I worked for Memorex Corp as a multimedia producer. Eventually I founded Hershey Multimedia Inc. with my partner Ted Lawyer in San Francisco. I served as the director and photographer for 27 years.

Projeccts include:

Faces of Bodega Bay” -- an environmental

portrait journal,

Crab Fishing on the Annabelle” -- a photo documentary, and

“ShoreLines & ShoreBirds”  -- a visual compilation of coastal experiences.

As a community photojournalist, and a prolific scenic and bird life photographer, I am fortunate to live in this inspiring West Coast community.

Bodega Bay Photographer with over 50 years experience