Spud Point Marina Crab Fishing

All images are © John Hershey Photography. All rights reserved.

Eight Miles Out: Crab Fishing on the Ocean

A prayer for a safe day on the water

The Annabelle leaves her berth and sails out of the jetty to the ocean

Diego throws the buoys out as Moose reels in a pot

Harvesting the ocean's bounty

Sorting out the "keepers" and throwing back the females and juveniles

Measuring for legal crabs

Reeling in the pot

Flipping the pot to empty it

An unwelcome scavenger - a freeloading octopus

Releasing the octopus back into the ocean

Frenzied seagulls follow the boat when old bait is thrown to the sea

Hook the buoy. Reel in the pot. Flip the pot. Dump the crabs. Throw back the small ones. Rebait. Cast the pot back... REPEAT

Chronicaling the crab fishing process at Spud Point Marina, I documented crab fishing on the Annabelle, a boat of the Spud Point Crab Company fleet. Thanks to Tony Anello, the owner and captain - as well as fishermen Diego and "Moose," for their cooperation in providing access to their process.

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Tony looks down from the bridge