Spud Point Marina Crab Fishing

All images are © John Hershey Photography. All rights reserved.

Tony Anello: Captain of the Annabelle and owner, Spud Point Crab Company

Diego Quiroz: Fisherman

Mike "Moose" Satori: Fisherman

Loading the crab tank

Repairing the crab pots

Gathering the crab pot buoys

Loading the bait chopper

Loading the crab pots


The Annabelle, loaded to sail out & drop crab pots

Sailing out of Bodega Bay

Chronicaling the crab fishing process at Spud Point Marina, I documented crab fishing on the Annabelle, a boat of the Spud Point Crab Company fleet. Thanks to Tony Anello, the owner and captain - as well as fishermen Diego and "Moose," for their cooperation in providing access to their process.

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