Bodega Bay and the Sonoma Coast Photography

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Bodega Bay is a magical place on the Northern California Coast with bayscapes, seascapes, rustic trails, graceful Egrets, quirky Pelicans, regal Blue Heron, organic bounty, peaceful marinas, boats sailing to the sea, crabs wriggling in the pots & spectacular views.

As a full-time resident of Bodega Bay, I have the opportunity to photograph all the beauty  of the Sonoma Coast


Photography by John Hershey

is included in Sonoma Coast,

by Arcadia Press

Sonoma Coast Visitor's Center

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Second Wind Kites

Copperfield's Books of Sebastopol

Jenner Visitor Center

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Local Scenic Notecards

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Bodega Bay "Best" Vacation Rentals

Ginochino's Kitchen

Sonoma Coast Visitor's Center

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Copperfield's Books of Sebastopol

Twice Told Books, Guerneville

New book by John Hershey • available now: Sonoma Coast Visitor's Center, Spud Point Crab Company, Ginochino's Kitchen, High Tide Games & Books, Twice Told Books in Guerneville, & Copperfields of Sebastopol.

Environmental Portraits of the Faces of Bodega Bay. Click to go to the youtube page to see the video